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DanDanDid Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2015
What a beautiful gallery, and I do hope you're recovering well. Only for selfish reasons- more lovely art, please!! :-) Good work and Good Luck!
D-W-S Featured By Owner Feb 17, 2013
mother of a million orgasms your stuff is freaking amazing i love it especially the scifi city scapes
wakoART Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2011  Professional General Artist
holy #@$%! You sir are the GENIUS!! amazing work! why so few?? :)
Victor-Lam-art Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2011  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you a lot :D I'm glad you like my stuff well it's so few because I've been a traditional Painter for a veery long time ...
and now I got a drawpad and PS2 :O so new stuff incomming .. keep watching ;)
ouh and maybe I'm gonna buy a working scanner soon then there will be a lot more artwork ...
you're welcome <3 ;)
wakoART Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2011  Professional General Artist
haha i know what u mean, its like a whole new world when u get a tablet ryt? well awesome work bro! ill b on the "watch" hehe
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